Student Exchange

Anyone who has spent time in a foreign place, attended school and worked there, and has experienced a different culture, gains valuable experience and evolves. Students in selected professions have the great opportunity to take part in the gibb student exchange program and to spend several weeks attending classes at one of our partner schools and working in a local training company. On a time-shifted basis, students from the partner schools visit the gibb vocational school and work in a training company. Everyone benefits from the student exchange: apprentices, training companies, and the respective industrial sector. We are convinced that such an offer strengthens vocational training and makes it more attractive.

Our Partner Schools

The gibb vocational school is constantly expanding its international network and aims to continuously extend student exchanges to other professions, partner schools, and countries. gibb shares the vision of Movetia, the national agency for mobility and exchange, namely that all students should have the opportunity to participate in a mobility activity during their education and training.

gibb currently maintains partnerships with vocational schools in Finland and Germany. For the student exchange with our partner school Gradia in Jyväskylä (Finland), automotive technicians EFZ (Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training), automotive mechatronics technicians EFZ, apprentices from various building professions, chefs EFZ and specialist in Restaurant Service EFZ are eligible.

Draughtsman/Draughtswoman EFZ specializing in architecture and civil engineering can participate in the exchange with the Berufliche Schule Bautechnik in Hamburg, chefs EFZ and specialist in Restaurant Service EFZ can benefit from our partnership with the Berufliche Schule Hotellerie, Gastronomie und Lebensmittelhandwerk.


Before the Stay Abroad

Are you interested in the student exchange? Here you will find the most important information regarding the exchange. Ask your vocational trainer and see whether he or she supports your project. Check by yourself whether you meet the criteria for applying and obtain the necessary signatures. We will check your application and invite you to a meeting with your vocational trainer and your legal representative.

As soon as your participation in the student exchange is approved, you may begin to prepare for your stay abroad. We will provide you with the most important information and instructions so that you can engage in this venture with confidence. In the preparation, special attention is given to intercultural skills. You will be invited to a workshop with other students who are also participating in the exchange. In this manner, you can already start to develop your intercultural skills while you are here and will be ready to encounter a new environment and a foreign culture.

During the Stay Abroad

You will spend several weeks visiting one of our partner schools and will be integrated into the local vocational education and training system. During this time, you will attend classes at the partner school and also receive practical training. Depending on your profession and the country, the training is organized differently. Practical training often takes place in apprentice workshops or in training centers, but companies are also strongly involved. You will certainly benefit from the education and training at our partner schools.

During your stay abroad, local contact persons will look after you and be available for your concerns. However, you will also enjoy a lot of freedom and be able to spend your free time with your peers. You will have to take personal responsibility. Take advantage of the opportunity to gain new experiences and discover something new. 

After the Stay Abroad

You will become ambassadors of the student exchange and report about it during your stay abroad already, thereby letting your colleagues and your families, your companies and the industry share your experiences via social media.

After your return, you will be invited to an exchange of experiences and have the opportunity to share your experiences with your class, your professional field, or at events. We are convinced that you will come back highly motivated and will motivate other students to experience this adventure themselves.

Weiterführende Informationen

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